Common Mistakes People Make When Buying A New Furnace

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Installing a new furnace is a significant investment for your home’s HVAC system. It will likely cost you thousands of dollars; therefore, the choice of your new furnace should be guided by several factors, including your home, your area of residence, your heating needs, and above all, your budget.

Unfortunately, with so many options and models available in the market today, choosing the right furnace can be difficult. So to help you avoid some basic errors that could prove to be costly, Active Air has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when buying a new furnace.

1. Requesting a single quote instead of getting multiple quotes
It’s much better to shop around to get the best deal on your furnace. Getting three or more quotes allows you to make a clear comparison between different furnace selling companies and their price points. In doing so it will enable you to get the best deal and product. Remember to take your time and weigh in all the options as you will need to deal with the furnace unit for ten to fifteen years. So make sure you choose the right brand and installation company!

2. Accepting the lowest bid
Another common mistake is going with the cheapest option. Accepting only low quotes without comparing the brands, type of furnace you’re about to purchase, the company background, and their length in the industry will only give you a unit with poor operating life and service that isn’t up to par.

3. Not asking questions
You will spend good money on your new furnace, so it’s important to ask a ton of questions to ensure you are getting the right product and service. Make sure to ask about warranty and services after installation; this will maximize your investment in your new system and ensure that you’re getting the right maintenance agreement.

4. Missing out on rebates and incentives opportunities
Many companies and manufacturers offer rebates and incentives to help offset the costs of some systems, particularly those that are higher efficiency. Talk to your company or contact us to learn more.

5. Buying the wrong-sized unit
Buying a small model for a large home means that the equipment may have to fire up frequently to maintain your preferred temperature. This leads to higher energy bills and can also shorten the life of your equipment. So make sure to first ask about the size of the furnace based on the current measurement and what is suitable based on the square footage of their house.

6. Failing to consider energy efficiency
Before you purchase a furnace, check the energy consumption to ensure it is energy efficient. The easiest way to determine your furnace’s energy efficiency level is to look for the EnerGuide label.

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